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What is the Best Route to Market for my New Product - and how can I get started?


You’ve developed that new product, so what are your plans? Own website – Amazon website – Etsy, not-on-the-highstreet - own shop – commercial retail – distributor – farmers market – home markets – export markets – crowd-funding - licensing? Up-market, mass market, differentiated product offerings? What is that best route (or routes) for your new product? What are the determining factors? How does your brand fit into the chosen route? And how do you make it happen?


Ideally, the route-to market for your new product should be determined at the research and design stage. Quite often the final preferred route is not available to you as a start-up, so there may well be a number of phases before you are shipping that product by the container-load! You may well have to be subsidising those first sales until you get those volumes up.

How can you deal with a changing market landscape? Were you planning to sell to House of Fraser, Debenhams, Evans Cycles or Poundworld - remember those?  Economic changes bring difficulties and confusion – but maybe some opportunities as well for those who understand the markets and can adapt to change.


Topics covered:

● Analysis of the options  ●  Selling on the www.  ●  Sourcing small batches  ●  How to sell into the retail market  ●  How to present to a professional buyer  ●  Why distributors might have to be used ●   Exhibitions and garnering PR  ●  The benefits of crowd funding – and how it is done – and what it might cost  ●  Can you sell a manufacturing/sales licence  ●  Typical margins through each of the distribution channels ●


Who would benefit from attendance:

Any entrepreneur / designer who is planning to bring a new physical product to market or who has already started out on that journey. 

This workshop is delivered by Bob Lindsey (www.thamesproductions.co.uk) who has experienced every aspect of the process from initial product concept through to product launch. 


The workshop runs for 3 hrs with refreshments included.


Next Session -  Monday 20th May 2019, 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM


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