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Bob Lindsey is a chartered Engineer with a wide experience of Business Management including Manufacturing (from Automotive to Vending Machines and much, much more) and Primary Industries (Mining, Pulp and Paper). He has managed Engineering teams, has designed products, filed patents and sold designs for royalties. He is both a creative and technical writer. 


He has worked as an Innovation Adviser at Business Link London. He has won R&D awards for developing new products.


He has worked extensively in the UK, in Africa, in Europe and Australasia.He has worked for major consultancy companies and has completed projects through Europe (France, Italy, Belgium, Scandinavia and Germany).


He has worked in the public sector, - and has sold capital equipment into it. He has delivered training programmes on Marketing and New Product Development to Blue Chip Companies.


He chairs the Inventors Club at the British Libary where he also delivers workshops assisting entrepreneurs on getting New Products to Market.


Bob Lindsey is that rare Engineer who enjoys writing - his novel written in New Zealand, "Rangitaiki", is available on Amazon and www.lulu.com. in hard copy or electronic format.


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