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Product Development 1-1 Clinic, "Getting that New Product to Market" 


Topics which can be covered in this session:

  • How to design products, build protypes and source manufacturers
  • How to determine the size of the market open to you and who your main competitors will be
  • Profiling who your target consumers are and which retailers and routes to market are the most appropriate 
  • Planning for a realistic pricing structure; forecasting how long it might be before you break even and then achieve profit
  • How to secure meetings with buyers and how to prepare for the questions they will ask
  • Analysis of your branding and promotional material
  • Consideration for follow-on opportunities if you are considering a range of complementary products for long-term success
  • These meetings are suitable for both consumer and industrial products, software and service provision. The discussion will be held in a secure environment with a non-disclosure agreement provided in advance.


Have you had your big idea and invented a new product but not yet got it into the market?

Or do you already have some online sales and are now ready to take the next big step and secure your place on the high street?

Taking your product to market can sometimes be the most difficult part of the whole process – more so than coming up with the idea itself.

Here is an opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting with an experienced practitioner in product development, prototyping, researching markets, manufacturing, funding, and working out the route to market.


These workshops are held at the IP and Business Centre at the British Library, 96 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2DB



Cost  £25.00 (includes booking fee)




Next date: Tuesday 6th August 2024

1-1 sessions at 10.30,  11.30, 12.30,  2.00,  3.00, 4.00


If you have difficulty booking on the website then please call Bob Lindsey on 07885 218670 or mail to blindsey@thamesproductions.co.uk



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